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Reliable Mobile Vehicle Repairs in Kilmarnock

We will attempt to fix any issues at the roadside for your convenience

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We Offer A Complete Mobile Roadside Assistance Service To Our Customers

Sometimes life needs to carry on, and there's nothing worse than being broken down and thinking "I need to get moving, why can't they just fix it here?". Well, with J&M Recovery, we can help! Our friendly, efficient and personable staff are always on hand to try and help when your vehicle won't start, or if you've got a flat tyre. Just give us a call, explain the problem and we will be out to you at the roadside in under an hour.


If we can't fix the vehicle there and then, we will recover it to the location of your choice. So if you think that we can help you, don't hesitate to get in contact with us today!

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Mobile Repairs At The Roadside

We can help with many issues that you may have when your car is stuck at the side of the road. Flat tyre? We'll change it. Dead battery? We'll jump start you. Electrical fault? We'll look at the wiring. You see we don't just offer recovery, where we can, we want to get you back on the road. So if we can repair it there and then, we will. If you're stuck, give us a call 24 hours a day.

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Vehicle Diagnostic Specialists

We can attempt to diagnose a lot of faults at the roadside too, allowing us to fix them, or arrange for further repairs to resolve any issues. We can also have the vehicle recovered to a secure storage facility if the damage is too much to repair there and then, or if you need to arrange specialist repairs.

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If you need mobile vehicle repairs in Kilmarnock, call us today on
07731 351002

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